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Simple boy wearing a green creeper hoodie.

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Benjamin (Hebrew: בִּנְיָמִין, Bīnyāmīn, from Biblical Hebrew "Son of the right [stronger] person, or side" to underline he was the youngest) was the last of the two sons of Jacob and Rachel (Jacob’s thirteenth child and twelfth and youngest son) in Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition. He was also the progenitor of the Israelite Tribe of Benjamin. Unlike Rachel’s first son, Joseph, Benjamin was bor…

Benjamin. ( ˈbɛndʒəmɪn) n. 1. (Bible) Old Testament. a. the youngest and best-loved son of Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 35:16–18; 42:4) b. the tribe descended from this patriarch. c. the territory of this tribe, northwest of the Dead Sea. 2. archaic a youngest and favourite son.

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Benjamin: Directed by Bob Saget. With Bob Saget, Rob Corddry, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cheri Oteri. A family calls in an intervention for Benjamin, a kid who is doing drugs. Soon, it becomes clear that those who are confronting Benjamin’s problem also have many problems of their own.

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