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Blue Axolotl


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Girl wearing a blue outfit complete with Axolotl themed hat.

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Blue Axolotl

They either appear blue, or they are dyed blue, but true blue axolotls don’t exist. Many people confuse blue axolotls with Melanoid axolotls, just because these will adapt to the overall color of the tank and the lighting conditions. The Melanoid axolotl will be black, and will be mostly black in color, and that’s especially true if the …

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Blue Axolotl

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Axolotl, also known as the Mexican walking fish is a type of salamander that does not …

Blue Axolotl (Black Melanoid Axolotl) The Blue Axolotl is not an accurate name for this unique salamander since they are not blue at all. They are actually dark gray or black, which could look bluish in certain lights. They are most commonly called Black Melanoids. The Axolotl (pronounced AX-oh-lot-ul) comes from Lake Xochimilco and Lake Calcho …

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