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Penguin wearing a Santa hat, Christmas scarf and sunglasses.

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King Penguins are the second-largest penguin species in the world. Galapagos Penguins live near the Equator. Humboldt Penguins are named for a chilly water current that flows through their coastal range in Chile and Peru. Erect-Crested Penguins live in the Antipodes and Bounty Islands. Macaroni Penguins have orange-yellow plumes.

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Penguin Warz is a game playable for all Cool Penguin Squad holders at no extra cost! Holders can enter their penguins into the war, and can follow the war’s progress on our Penguin Warz Noticeboard. 壘Penguin Warz each last an X amount of rounds. 壘Every round, penguins fight/beat each other up and some will be knocked out.

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