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Girl with brunette hair wearing a light blue shawl.

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marina: [noun] a dock or basin providing secure moorings for pleasure boats and often offering supply, repair, and other facilities.

Marina Lambrini Diamandis , known mononymously as Marina (often stylized in all caps) and previously by the stage name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer-songwriter.
Born in Brynmawr to a Welsh mother and Greek father, Diamandis was raised in Abergavennyand moved to London as a teenager to become a professional sing…

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STREAM/ DOWNLOAD "Ni Wowe" here: 1 female Artist in the game Marina has blessed us with her hit song "Ni Wowe"Artist: Marina…

A marina is a dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. A marina differs from a port in that a marina does not handle large passenger ships or cargo from freighters.
The word marina may also refer to an inland wharf on a river or canal that is used exclusively by non-industrial pleasure craft such as canal narrowboats.

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