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Boy with white hair wearing a white shirt and grey jeans.

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Red Rectangle

At the nebula’s center is an aging binary star system that surely powers the nebula but does not, as yet, explain its colors. The unusual shape of the Red Rectangle is likely due to a thick dust torus which pinches the otherwise spherical outflow into tip-touching cone shapes. Because we view the torus edge-on, the boundary edges of the cone shapes …

640*414. PSD. light yellow base red rectangle pattern beijing city. 1024*1884. PNG PSD. queen s day border red rectangle crown decorative border free material. 3543*5315. PNG PSD. queen s day border red rectangle flower decoration border free material.

The Red Rectangle – Cosmos Magazine

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The Red Rectangle is an unusual example of what is known as a proto-planetary nebula. These are old stars, on their way to becoming planetary nebulae.

The Battle Cats – Cats of the Cosmos Ch. 1 [ Red Rectangle ] Video Answer

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