Top 10 Online MBA Programs for Salary Growth

Compared to their full-time colleagues, online MBA students tend to be older and frequently seek career acceleration. When they first enroll in these programs, their incomes are already rather high, but they usually experience a significant increase after graduation, often approaching 50%. The typical wage after graduation is sometimes more than $200,000.

The option to work a full-time job and pursue an online MBA part-time is a significant benefit for candidates. In contrast, participants in full-time college programs forfeit the opportunity cost of not working.

As a result, online learners carry on making money and actively pursuing career progression in the workplace by putting their newly gained knowledge to use.

The most sought-after industries among those pursued after an online MBA are finance and banking. These industries are well known for offering generous benefits packages.

University of Florida – Warrington College of Business Administration – Hough Graduate School of Business

Three years after finishing their Online MBA program, University of Florida alumni see a significant 41 percent rise in pay, reaching an average of $126,535.

The cost of the University of Florida program is far less than that of several comparable universities with comparably prestigious Online MBA rankings, even though this number may be lower.

The cost benefit helps graduates of the University of Florida’s online MBA program achieve a higher overall return on investment.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management

With an astounding average income of $144,316, the Politecnico di Milano School of Management in Milan, Italy, reports that its graduates receive a salary raise of 40 percent. Remarkably, the institution was ranked third for online involvement by the Financial Times.

This is a crucial component for networking possibilities, which have shown to pay off handsomely in the job market, as any MBA student will attest.

IE Business School

With excellent employability and pay criteria, the IE Business School in Spain ranks second globally in the Financial Times’ assessment of the top online MBA programs.

The average alumni salary three years after graduation is $163,788, which is a significant 36 percent increase from what they were paid before to enrolling in the school’s Global Online MBA program. With a cohort of students from all over the world, the program opens doors to profitable job options everywhere.

University of Southern California (USC) – Marshall School of Business

Three months after completing the online MBA program, USC Marshall alumni command an average beginning salary of $122,634.

By virtue of its parent institution affiliation, USC Marshall has access to 390,000 alumni worldwide, providing graduates with invaluable assistance in landing high-paying jobs.

Furthermore, the business school located in California is ranked fifth globally for Online MBA programs by US News, which may help establish its reputation among corporate recruiters.

University of Massachusetts Amherst – Isenberg School of Management

University of Massachusetts alumni stand out in the Financial Times Online MBA rating with the largest pay gain at an amazing 46 percent three years after graduation.

Three years after finishing the Online MBA program, the average salary is $168,046. The fact that many Isenberg students start from a lower wage baseline and see a correspondingly larger gain in their earnings makes this percentage seem lower than graduates from other online MBA schools.

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

The Tepper School is ranked third in the country by US News. Alumni see a great return on investment three months after graduation, with an average beginning income of $126,250. This is especially noteworthy considering the comparatively modest cost of the part-time course.

Tepper’s online MBA students get the same access to all career tools as their on-campus counterparts, including helpful career counseling from seasoned business experts.

Warwick Business School (WBS), University of Warwick

Warwick Business School has held the top spot in the Financial Times rating of online MBA programs for three years running.

The notable wage boost its graduates enjoy three years after graduation—to an astounding $204,799—a 40 percent increase at that time—is a major contributing element to its achievement. The school also receives the best rating for professional advancement.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

The US News rating of online MBA programs shares first place with UNC’s. Three years after finishing the program, Kenan-Flagler school graduates get a healthy $171,665 in compensation.

But because their incomes are competitive when they start the course, the following raise is a notable, if not spectacular, 26%.

Notably, the institution is ranked second in the Financial Times list for the efficacy of its career services, which greatly assists students in finding work.

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington

In the US News list, Kenan-Flagler is ranked first, right next to the Kelley School. Alumni of Kelley School see an astounding 30% average pay boost three years after graduation, reaching $148,934.

The Financial Times recognizes the school’s career services as the finest. High grades are also given to the online engagement and program delivery of IU’s Online MBA program.

Bradford University School of Management

Graduates of the online MBA program at Bradford School are reporting a noteworthy 34% rise in pre-program income in the United Kingdom.

Three years after graduation, the average salary is a healthy $128,524. The institution, which has been around for fifty years, has a large network of graduates and established relationships with business recruiters.

It has also received the esteemed “triple crown” accreditation from three major accrediting bodies.


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