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Harvard University
Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States, having been founded in 1636. Over 20 percent of Harvard’s student body is international, and the majority of students are graduate students. Harvard is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, although it also maintains facilities in the neighboring city of Boston, home of the Harvard Medical School. Of all the universities in the world, this one boasts the biggest endowment. Over 100 centers at Harvard do study in a variety of fields.

The undergraduate college, together with eleven other degree-granting establishments such as the highly esteemed Business School, Graduate School of Education, Law School, and John F. Kennedy School of Government, comprise the university.

The medical school has partnerships with a number of teaching hospitals, including as Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The most common majors among Harvard undergraduates are in the social sciences, biological sciences, history, arithmetic, and psychology. The university uses a semester-based academic calendar, with instruction conducted in English.

The majority of undergraduate students live on campus for their entire four years, initially spending their freshman year around Harvard Yard in the middle of campus and then spending the remainder of their time in one of the twelve undergraduate residences. A small amount of housing for universities

University Data

Total number of students21,887
Total number of academic staff2,278
Number of undergraduate degrees awarded1,802
Number of doctoral degrees awarded1,464
Number of new undergraduate students1,658
Number of new doctoral students1,479
Number of international students5,377
Number of international staff528
Number of master’s degrees awarded4,922
Number of research only staff2,123
Number of new master’s students3,581
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According to Best Global Universities, Harvard University is ranked first. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform across a range of commonly recognized excellence metrics. Learn more about our school ranking system.

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 United States|

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founded in 1861, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, not far from Boston. The institution enrolls over 11,000 students, of whom about 60% pursue graduate studies. There are five schools at MIT: engineering, science, management, humanities, arts, and social sciences, and architecture and planning. At MIT, English is the medium of instruction.

There is a four-week “Independent Activities Period” in January as part of the 4-1-4 academic cycle. Faculty, staff, alumni, and undergraduate and graduate students take part in forums, lecture series, recitals, and other unique events throughout this time.

While living on campus is only mandatory for first-year undergraduate students, many students opt to remain on campus throughout their academic careers. One of MIT’s many labs or centers, the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, is one of the biggest university research reactors in the United States and offers numerous possibilities for both undergraduate and graduate students to obtain research experience.

By the time they graduate, almost 90% of MIT undergraduates have taken part in the school’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, which teams together students and faculty on research projects. In the most recent year, MIT spent about $675 million on research, with extra federal funds flowing to the Department of Defense’s Lincoln Laboratory at MIT, which conducts research and development on

University Data

Total number of students11,415
Total number of academic staff1,392
Number of undergraduate degrees awarded1,102
Number of doctoral degrees awarded584
Number of new undergraduate students1,120
Number of new doctoral students568
Number of international students3,779
Number of international staff538
Number of master’s degrees awarded1,828
Number of research only staff5,116
Number of new master’s students1,615
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According to Best Global Universities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is ranked #2. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform across a range of commonly recognized excellence metrics. Learn more about our school ranking system.

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